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Infographic: How To Give & Ask For a Raise

For many, the most nerve-wracking conversation for both the employer and employee is a discussion about a salary raise. Nationally, employees will receive an average 3 percent wage increase this year. With this in mind, employers must carefully decide who gets a raise and when, while employees must perfect the art of salary negotiation. Consult this guide to become fully versed in the ins and outs of the salary raise.

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Looking Back at the Year in e-Learning, and Other Web Links

Forget the calendars and Christmas sale TV ads. To my mind, winter only starts when everyone I see on the train in the morning is wearing a scarf. And this week, everyone was. So it must be official – winter’s here, and 2011 is almost over.

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Infographic: Which College Majors Lead To Higher Employment, Unemployment?

As students around the country continue to raise their voices against the rising costs of education, former students are also looking for work. But higher education doesn't necessarily mean employment. In fact, many who study the more popular majors are having a hard time finding a job. This analysis of 173 majors shows the top and bottom 15 majors in terms of unemployment rates, along with their rank in popularity.

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Training Sales Reps, and the Selective Attention Challenge

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The Many Faces of the Business Conference Attendee

Those of us who have attended a business conference are aware of the diverse types of people present. From the gadget geek to the slick salesman, you can categorize just about everyone in the room

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Infographic: 'Tis The Seasonal Worker: A Glimpse At The Temporary Employee Workforce This Holiday Season

Each year businesses prepare for the holiday onslaught by calling in the reserves: seasonal employees. These temporary hired hands help companies get through the busy season without having to keep extra staff year-round. But finding the right employees takes considerable effort and training. We examine the world of seasonal employment: what other companies are doing and how you can successfully hire employees for your business.

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Infographic: LinkedIn Bootcamp: Basic Training For The Personal Marketer

LinkedIn is the proverbial dark horse of social media: we all know it's there, but few of us use it to its full potential. With just a little bit of effort you will see how the powerful social site can help you market yourself and your business far more than you imagined. With help from the LinkedIn guru himself, Lewis Howes, we have enrolled you in our basic LinkedIn boot camp training to give you the fundamental tools necessary to use the site for all your business and personal marketing needs.

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7 Signs Your Rockstar Employee Is Looking For a New Job

You've spent time and money to hire the right employees for your business, so keeping them satisfied and engaged is priority numero uno. The following case studies reveal the clues that tell you if an employee is currently searching for another job. Losing and replacing even one employee can cost you and your business significant money and time, so let these signs motivate you to talk with your employees before it's too late.

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Anatomy of an Outstanding Résumé

You're well educated and you have great experience in the workplace, but landing a job is proving far more difficult than you imagined. Perhaps it's time to step up to the plate and hit your résumé out of the park. Recruiters may sift through hundreds of résumés to fill one role and are looking for the ones that immediately catch their eye. Use this handy guide to help make your résumé rise to stand out above the rest.

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The Ghostbusters Guide To Management

You have probably seen Ghostbusters a number of times without realizing how some of the principles in the film can be applied to management. Well they can – and here they are. All you managers, it's time to take your cues from Peter, Raymond, Egon and Louis.

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