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Online Job Training a Central Component of $8 Billion Funding Initiative

President Obama proposed a new Community College to Career Fund Monday, which intends to provide some 2 million people with job-related training — a project that people in the e-Learning and training fields will certainly want to keep an eye on.

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Don't Sell BS to Salespeople, Make Their Training Meaningful

What really works — and what doesn’t — in corporate sales training? We sat down with’s Geoffrey James, author of How to Say it: Business to Business Selling, for his latest insights on the state of the industry. This is the second of two parts. Read the first here.

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Best (and Worst) Practices in Sales Training: Q&A with Geoffrey James

What really works -- and what doesn't -- in corporate sales training? We sat down with's Geoffrey James, author of How to Say it: Business to Business Selling, for his latest insights on the state of the industry.  This is the first of two parts.

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How iPhone Apps Fit Into Online Training

M-learning — mobile learning — is a hot new topic among training professionals, but what, exactly, is it? And who uses it? We know the idea is to tap into the immense power and popularity of smartphones and tablets and to deliver training on-the-go. But, as new as the concept is, most training pros still have more questions than answers about how to use, utilize, and implement m-learning programs. So we turned to Connie Malamed, e-learning consultant, speaker, and author of the popular instructional design website The eLearning Coach, to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of m-learning.

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Verizon Snafu Underscores Importance of Security in Training

When a company is getting ready to release a new product or service, it will need to train its workers on how to use, handle, and sell it. But apparently a few too many companies are forgetting an important training step: Securing it.

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What Learning Designers (Still) Need to Learn Themselves: Q&A With Julie Dirksen

How do you design course material for optimal retention, attention, and engagement — at the same time juggling the needs of your "learners," subject matter experts, and others? It's a daunting challenge, but one that instructional designer Julie Dirksen believes anyone can master with some clear-eyed guidance. Dirksen, whose new book, Design for How People Learn, is drawing raves in the learning community, spoke to The Daily Mindflash about what most instructional designers still need to learn themselves.

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Drowning in E-Mail? A Few Tips for Staying Afloat

You’re sitting down to type up your big report, which is due by the end of the day. Ping! An e-mail pops up. Ping! Another one. Neither are particularly important. But somehow it’s just impossible to start working without checking them first. Fine. Back to the report. Ping! Another e-mail.

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Why eLearning Can Never Be Boring: Q&A with Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore is a recognized elearning and training expert who has helped dozens of organizations (including the U.S. Army, NATO, USPS, and Chevron) and shares her insights on her blog. In February, Moore will be presenting a two-day e-Learning Instructional Design Certificate at the Training 2012 conference in Atlanta, GA.She spoke with The Daily Mindflash about a crucial requirement for all training programs -- to never, ever, be boring.

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Links Roundup: Tech Takes Center Stage

This week in Las Vegas, over 3,000 companies have gathered to show off the latest in tech innovation at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

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