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The Power of Animation in Elearning

 Over the last twenty years, technology gave birth to the PowerPoint presentation and animation within PowerPoint is a very well-known function for user engagement in the modern training landscape.  We  all went wild for flying bullet points, sound effects and word art. That being said, animation has evolved, it is an amazing tool that can be done to such a high standard now and eLearning opens its ever growing arms to animation and relishes in its successes.
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Fun eLearning?

eLearning is the perfect answer to a training solution for many reasons which is why it is becoming more and more popular. However although saving costs, accessing the courses anywhere and everywhere and being able to make bullet points fly in are all key to eLearning's success, it doesn’t quite change the stigma that training, no matter what the format, is a chore.

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Holiday Report: Wearable Tecnhology in eLearning

Wearable technology has been big news in recent years, however it isn’t a completely fresh concept with some early pieces like the calculator watch dating back to the 70s! This was just the start of a technological evolution that combines technology with functionality. Although this was a genius concept and the start of what is now a huge market, the difference with wearable technology back in the 70s compared to now is that it’s not just about advance technology or great functionality, it’s about creating a work of art. Something extremely fashionable and sleek. This being why wearables are so successful now, as they are connecting with not just the tech savvy, but with the broader market. Making smart clothing, connected glasses and smart watches hit the big time in 2015.

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RECAP: Mindflash UK Partners Optimised Learning at World of Learning

We had a great few days at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition at the NEC last week. We met some really cool people (well to be honest anyone in Learning and Development are really nice people anyway!) It’s always refreshing to learn from others, not only from our clients but from our fellow competitors too!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The M-Learning Movement


Click here for the full infographic
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Cinemagraphs - The Latest Trend in eLearning

In the development of eLearning, we’re always creatively incorporating great technology into our interactive courses, including videos, infographics, and animation. Cinemagraphs are the latest trend to join the multitude of resources at our eLearning fingertips, but what makes them so great? A photograph with a spot of subtle movement, a cinemagraph is quite literally a photo come to life, and its simultaneous naturalness and unusualness can be utterly arresting. When trainers custom design courses, the eye-catching nature of cinemagraphs can be used to enhance learning programs with visual cues, to create easy and relatable graphics, and to strengthen marketing and memorability for learners. The actual creation of cinemagraphs used to be a complex process, but newer technology make these great graphics simple to create and great candidates to incorporate into and enhance eLearning.

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How Animation is Effective in eLearning

For today's post, we want to welcome a very special guest from the UK - Liz Bark, Creative Director at Optimised Learning Ltd!

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