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Out-Teach Your Competition: 37signals’ Ideology Meets Online Training (Part 2)

“Instead of trying to outspend, outsell, or outsponsor competitors, try to out-teach them.”

Think about it this way: There will always be a competitor with more money for advertising, marketing, and expensive client dinners. But if your competitor is in that mindset, what are the chances they are thinking about building their clients by educating them on how to do their jobs better, how to be more organized, or how to save $100 per month by using this special type of light bulb over that one?

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37signals' Idealogy Meets Online Training (Part 1): Meetings are Toxic

[ Editor’s note: Simply put, we at Mindflash are big fans the 37signals’ ethos . Usefulness, simplicity, and ease-of-use are principles we strive for. We also think that these principles apply to online training, whether you are building a full blown LMS or developing a simple eLearning courses. In this blog series, guest blogger Lee Graham will explore a few of 37signals’ concepts and discuss how we can apply them to the online training realm. This is Part 1 of the series.]
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