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Mindflash Introduces the NEW Mobile Manage Users Feature

Manage Users in your Training Program on the Go!

Mindflash is excited to report that the new Manage Users page is mobile friendly!

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Mindflash Launches a New Manage Users Page

Mindflash has recently released an exciting makeover of the the Manage Users page due to the growing needs of our customer base. When Mindflash launched this product in 2010 the average number of Trainees in the system was around 500. Today that number is much higher, with many accounts having tens of thousands of Trainees. This change in average program size created new and different challenges for Mindflash to solve. Mindflash has always prided itself on being easy to use; there are no setup fees and programs can get off the ground in a day. We have strived to make training fast and easy, and to ensure Trainers are able to focus on training, not maintaining a database. It’s with these core principles in mind we decided to overhaul the Manage Users page, which still works for smaller programs but scales to meet the needs of large, enterprise users.

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Live Training Management and Tracking is Here!

Mindflash has just released the ability to track and manage live, in-person and virtual training courses for blended learning. This feature is available on the Pro tier. The Live Training feature allows trainers to keep track of attendance and scores from any live training in one central location. We are excited about this feature as it allows Mindflash customers to further reduce the administrative tasks related to live training.

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SCORM - Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate

Mindflash has recently started supporting SCORM content from Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. SCORM is an often-requested feature, but as many of you know, getting it to work reliably on all players and devices is a challenge. With this information, we researched what the most popular SCORM creation tools were on the market. It became clear after talking to customers, and prospects that Articulate’s Storyline and Adobe’s Captivate products were the most popular creation tools. Both tools allow for interactive slides, branching scenarios, screen recording, and various questions types, making them some of the most versatile tools available. Mindflash then set off to figure out how we could support these standalone content packages alongside our other content options like PowerPoint, video and PDFs.

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Mindflash Integrates with Shopify

You spend many hours putting together great courses. Have you wanted to sell your courses to your customers or partners? Selling your courses has never been easier! Now that Mindflash integrates with you can quickly set up a professional storefront for your courses and start selling courses today.

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Mindflash Enhances Advanced Permissions with Group Access Controls

Mindflash has recently upgraded the Advanced Permissions feature. Last year, with the original release of Advanced Permissions for the Pro tier, there were 3 levels of permissions: Managers, Trainers, and Administrators. Customers were happy to have this added level of control over their programs but there was demand to go a step further and grant specific access over groups of people. Administrators often have a handful of people helping them distribute and track training, and the issue they run into is that these assistants, often managers, have access to view and act on all the trainees in the account instead of being limited by a specific group of people i.e limiting their view to people in just Human Resources or Sales. Administrators want to use their account to train people across departments and/or companies, which means that Managers of one company should not be seeing trainee test scores from another company, nor should they be inviting these trainees to courses. It was clear after hearing from many customers, that we needed to allow Administrators to decide which Trainees the Trainers/Managers could access and view.

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Mindflash Catalogs Organize Courses and Streamline the Invitation Process

Mindflash recently released a new Catalog feature. After talking to many customers it became clear there was a need to market their courses, allowing people to see what they had to offer, but not have to invite trainees to every course available. Many customers provide courses and series that are above and beyond the required learning material, and while they want their trainees to take these courses, it’s not always mandatory. Other customers don’t know who their future trainees are and/or do not want to be bothered with the administrative task of adding them to the system. They would rather put their content offerings on a single webpage and allow people to sign themselves up for the courses or series.

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Mindflash's Updated Series Feature


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