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Is There a Training Crisis in American Business?

When the advertising industry gathered in March for the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies) conference, participants probably expected a bit of networking and some chat about the state of the industry. Less expected were survey results delivered by Andrew Benett, global CEO of Havas' Arnold Worldwide.

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5 Great (Free) Perks for Non-Profits

The recession may be technically over, but it’s still not exactly high times for non-profits. Budget-strapped donors continue to be reluctant to part with their pennies, but if you’re a scrappy start-up non-profit doing great work with limited funds, there are ways to work around your financial constraints. Chief among them is the generosity of tech companies.

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How to Retain Restless Gen Y Talent? Be a 'Helicopter' Employer and Offer Some Career Training (for Starters)

The prevailing stereotype to many employers is that Gen Y are a bunch of job hoppers, and therefore training them in any significant way is likely a waste of time and money. In a few months, they’ll just take those skills you worked so hard to teach them down the road to your competitors.

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