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What Business Can Learn from Remote Teaching

A futurist’s out-of-the-box ideas on how education should develop provide inspiration for the training programs of today.

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Training Gen Y for Today's Open Jobs: Pros and Cons

Recommendations on how to train workers for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow differ hugely. Is focusing on current skills gaps short-sighted?

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Want Gen Y to Learn Faster? Combine Technology and Teams

Everyone agrees that Gen Y loves teamwork. Can technology help you put this fact to use in your training program?

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Aggressively Recruiting Gen Y? It Could Backfire

This month about 1.7 million members of Gen Y will graduate, armed to enter the workforce with a shiny, new bachelor’s degree. Many smart companies will be angling to hook the most talented of this group, sending representatives to colleges, advertising their brand and generally promoting themselves as a great place for the best of the class of 2011 to work. But will their efforts pay off?

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4 Ways to Boost Training Retention and Memory

Whatever the field in which you're training or being trained, there’s one thing that can improve the experience – a better memory. Whether the subject is chess,  computer coding or cookery, better recall will help students reach mastery sooner and with fewer headaches. So are you simply cursed (or blessed) with whatever memory capacity your brain was born with?

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Training for Creativity: It's Difficult But Doable

Creativity, educators tell us, is declining in America. Whether this is due to a TV overdose or changes in school curricula, over the decades our kids are apparently doing worse and worse on standard psychological measures of creativity. So when they get to the workplace, can training make up for some of these deficits and belatedly encourage innovative thinking in employees?

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Is Your Training Program Just a Band-Aid?

When it comes to problems of the body, we all recognize that there are symptoms and there are underlying causes. If you have an aching back, you take an aspirin for relief but you know that the real cause of your problem is a strained muscle and that the little tablet you just popped has done nothing to heal it. The sensible among us don’t use the aspirin as an excuse to do some more heavy lifting, but instead take it easy with our feet up on the couch until the underlying cause is healed.

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The 'Wikified' Future of Employee Training

The recession is technically over, but that doesn’t mean organizations are keen to spend one penny more than they have to. Just look at training — back in 2009 when the financial crisis was still raging, research firm Bersin & Associates asked firms how their training budgets were faring. The answer was predictably gloomy with the training market seeing its greatest contraction in a decade.

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Offering Valuable Training to Job-Hopping Millennials? Consider a Contract First

Millennials have a growing reputation in the HR universe as serial job hoppers. Recent studies say the phenomenon isn’t actually limited to the young, but true or not, employers’ belief that their 20-something employees are liable to jump ship in a matter of months has significant effects. For one, it limits their willingness to shell out for training.

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Can On-the-Job Training Make Up for the Failures of Business Education?

Sensibly enough, companies hire students with business degrees because they expect them to have learned the fundamental skills needed to succeed in corporate life in college — but do they? Not if a recent anti-business school feeding frenzy in the media can be believed.  The New York Times ran a lengthy piece, for instance, outlining all the evidence that business majors learn very little while at school:

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