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Gen Y: Delusional About Economic Reality?

New U.S. consumer confidence numbers are out today. Guess what? They’re abysmal. Americans, it seems, are looking around at the signs of economic hardship and coming to some pretty gloomy conclusions about their prospects and the prospects of the nation.

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Digital Natives Actually Stink at Search, Says Research

Gen Y have been called the first generation of "digital natives," those who never knew a world without the internet. What’s the result of this early exposure to all things digital? The standard answer is that having tens of thousands of hours of practice processing information on screen, they are particularly adept at sorting, prioritizing and consuming digital information.

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How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?

How to Motivate Gen Y: Let Them Give Away Your Money?Evidence shows that, when it comes to retaining Gen Y, it’s not all down to dollars and cents. Training, a collaborative work environment and a sense of shared purpose can all motivate younger workers to stay put, not just a healthy pay check.

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The Secrets of Memory Savants, for Trainers

A trainer’s job would be much simpler if her audience were all geniuses. Imagine, for example, the long lunch breaks you could take if every person you worked with had the recall capacity of savant Daniel Tammet, who holds a world record for reciting Pi from memory to 22,514 digits and who learned conversational Icelandic in just one week.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Webinars (And Keep Your Audience From Dozing Off)

By definition, a seminar, unlike the traditional lecture, is small enough to allow all participants to actively engage. But the digital-age child of the traditional conference table seminar, the webinar, hasn’t always retained the interactivity of the bricks and mortar seminar.

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Do You Have to Be Downtown to Attract Gen Y Talent?

You want your company to stay innovative and attract the next generation of customers, so you’re pretty keen to hire the best and brightest 20-somethings. If you’re firm is located in SoHo or San Francisco that shouldn’t be much trouble – the streets are filled with work-hungry members of so-called Generation Y. But what if you’re in a less hip location outside of the city center? Are you efforts doomed?

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Conference Outlines Cutting-Edge Learning Technology

From how we communicate, to how we work, to how we shop, advances in technology have radically changed how we go about nearly all aspects of our lives — with at least one notable exception. In classrooms from grammar school to Master’s programs, many teachers still wield chalk, lecture notes and overhead projector slides in the battle to impart knowledge to their students.

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Mentoring 2.0: Why Gen Y Demands a New Approach

If asked to picturing mentoring in action, you’d most likely imagine a seasoned, grey-haired veteran out to lunch with an eager 20-something, sharing his or her hard-won business wisdom. But is this the same image you’d get if you asked a member of Gen Y (aka, the Millennials), who, after all, actually make up the majority of modern day mentees?

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How to Keep Employee Training Programs From Backfiring

Training programs are usually associated with better retention, but not always. Make this mistake and see your investment walk out the door.

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Google's New Sales Training Tactic: Talk-Show-Style Conference Calls

When it comes to fast-shifting product lines, Google is a powerhouse, with an ever-evolving array of offerings and new features. So how does the search megalith manage to keep its sales associates up to date with what they’re selling?

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