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In Retail, a Compelling Case for More Employee Training

Retail companies have typically responded to the economic recession by cutting staffing and training departments in order to keep prices low. But in an interesting new piece in the New Yorker, James Surowiecki argues that having more and better-trained workers is a smarter strategy for retailers.

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How E-Learning Might Be Improving Nationwide Graduation Rates

Does e-learning have a direct influence on graduation rates — whether it's in high school or employee training? E-learning advocates will of course say yes, but a new study of high school graduation rates offers some new insights into an old question.

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Why Your Diversity Training Is Backfiring

Studies show that diverse teams are more creative teams. But the research is just as clear that having folks with very different backgrounds working together is also a source of conflict, and that teams need solid communication skills to reap the benefits of that diversity.

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Using Every Last Minute to Make Training Suck Less

If I told you your car was wasting two-thirds of the fuel you put in it, you'd be pretty annoyed (especially considering gas prices right now). And if I told you your brain was only working at two-thirds capacity, you'd feel pretty dumb. So why, then, do so many trainers reap only two-thirds of the benefits of training, executive and blogger Jay Cross asked recently.

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Why the Right Vocabulary Is Key to Effective Training

The future of learning, many have speculated, will almost certainly be less formal and structured and more about picking things up as you go.

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How Training Toughens Up Employees and Improves Your Brand

After several years on life support, the American economy is starting to show stirrings of life. But it's clear that even if unemployment numbers are dropping, we aren't soon likely to return to our parents' economy (or our grandparents', for that matter).

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Three Myths About How We Learn

If you were to stroll back into your old elementary school today, you'd probably find that the classrooms look pretty similar to the ones you studied in, and the kids are still learning to read and write the same way you did. Schools change a lot more slowly than other industries. So do we still think about learning the same way we did back when we were in grade school?

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Life's a Big Video Game for Gen Y – So Let Them Play!

The generation of young people now entering the workforce are the first to have spent their entire childhoods surrounded by video games. And it seems they may be bringing some by-products of all that time with controllers in hand with them to their first jobs. In fact, just a few months ago, British researchers found that avid adult gamers can actually confuse real life for video games. Seriously.

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Obama's Going to Close the Skills Gap. But Does It Even Exist?

Americans are stomping mad about the economy in general and unemployment in particular, and it appears the President has gotten the message. In his latest State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a raft of economic proposals designed to ferry the unemployed back into work, including training programs for those who need to update their skills.

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Has the Recession Permanently Scarred Gen Y?

Put more than one economist in a room and chances are slim they'll find much to agree on. However, lately there seems to be a consensus forming among economists that the economy's trajectory is heading up. That’s great news for struggling young people. But the question still remains how they will recover from having spent some important formative years mired in one of the worst recessions in decades.

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