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Are You Giving Informal Learning Short Shrift?

Most of us know from personal experience that you learn a large percentage of what you need to know to do your work while on the job. Sure, your education gave you the basic skills and factual foundation to process new information and succeed, but most of what you end up doing at the office everyday is stuff you pick up as you go.

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Twitter for Trainers: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ideas

How do you know an idea has gone thoroughly mainstream? It appears in melodramatic primetime television. This is even true of training. Take the 'Twitter for Training' episode of sudsy medical drama Grey's Anatomy from last year for example. Training blogger Jane Bozarth summarized the action at the time:

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What Storytellers Can Teach Instructional Designers

People love to hear stories and think in terms of the traditional  beginning, middle, and end structure we all associate with a classic yarn. It's a reality that many of have suggested putting to good use in a business context, from improving your presentations by making them follow the essential pattern of campfire tales, to  perfecting your personal
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Gamification: Should We Believe the Hype?

Gamification is hot. And why not? It's youthful, clever, and promises to transform mundane tasks into fun activities. It speeds up learning and increases productivity in the process — that's a lot going for it.

But not everyone in the L&D community is buying the hype. At least they're not without some serious reservations.

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Are You Mistaking Tracking for Learning?

In learning and development, as in every area of business, it isn't simply enough to produce results. You also need to measure those results to prove you're beneficial to your organization and get recognition (and support) for your efforts. There's no doubt you need numbers, but are the numbers you're focused on actually the right

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Are Your Training Methods Outdated? Survey Says: Yes

Like a carton of milk that's past its sell date, the concept of something being "out-dated" means it's been superseded by something better, and can safely be discarded. But according to a new survey, many training managers in the U.K. may have missed this very basic point.

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It's Time for E-Learning to Embrace 'BYOL'

Corporate IT is being transformed by the phenomenon known as BYOD, or "Bring Your Own Device." Used to using smoothly functioning, good-looking consumer products at home, the argument goes, workers are increasingly demanding they be able to access these gadgets and tools at work, whether or not IT is totally keen on the idea.

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How to Use 1-on-1 Training Without Breaking the Bank

When you hear the words "one-on-one training," your first impulse is probably to throw your hands in the air and explain about your squeezed budget. But fear not. We understand resources are tight. But even in today's era of less-than-luxurious learning and development spending, there's still a case to be made for tailor-made, personalized training.

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How Workplace 'Strength Training' Produces Top Performers

If your employees already have strong skill sets in key areas of job performance, shouldn’t training programs focus on developing new skills or correcting weaknesses?

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How to Make Wikis Part of Your Training Program

With the Encyclopedia Britannica abandoning its 244-year-old printed version in response to the dominance of Wikipedia, and Britain's education minister calling for a "wiki approach" to designing the curriculum for schools, wikis deserve a role in employee training and learning. But where, and how to start? Here's a quick overview.

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