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How to Teach Employees to Make Smarter Decisions

We don’t pay employees to do a “job.” We pay them to invent the best, most efficient and most profitable response at each moment in their day. We pay them to watch each situation they encounter in their constantly changing workplace and use what they know to make the best decision on the spot. We pay them to think on their feet – and to pack their brains when they pack their lunches. And the more they know, the more tools they possess to be able to wisely choose the best response.

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How to Create a Culture of Learning? Let Employees 'Walk Around the Company Table'

So many employees fall behind from the first moment of their workday. How? They're often caught in workplaces that have cultures that do the same things over and over, regardless of how their environments change — workplaces that don’t commit to regularly challenging employees to constantly learn, rethink their jobs and value, or try new things. Employees are stuck reliving yesterday’s workday over and over.

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The (Big) Difference Between 'I Have to Get to Work' and 'I Can't Wait to Get to Work'

Do your employees say, “I have to get to work”? Or do they say, “I can’t wait to get to work”?

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Management Training 101: Why Bosses Need to Coach, Connect, and Care

Harsh truth: More often than not, people leave their bosses, not their company.

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Two Great Questions to Get Your Employees Thinking

Most employees are great about showing up on time every day. Significantly fewer show up fully present — ready to make a difference with customers and the business. Many employees don’t pack their brains when they pack their lunches because many managers don’t ask their employees to think at work.

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How the Smart Small Business Keeps Its Best People

Let me tell you about a very wise company I work with:

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How to Get Your Team Fired Up? Tap Into Their Passion, Get Them Connected -- Or Else

Face it — the workplace is changing. And getting the most out of your best people is directly tied to one crucial ingredient: employee work passion. The more passionate an employee is about her work, the more significant her commitment, contribution and ultimately performance.

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