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Review, Rethink, Respond

Face it, what we need most from our employees is for them to think through each of the situations they encounter in their days to create the best, most efficient and most profitable response  in the moment.  However, I find many employees don’t know now to approach their work in a way that encourages their success – to identify and play to their success, and to develop a response to correct any shortfalls. So I thought I would offer some advice through a story about my big Italian family.

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Want Your Business to Grow? Drive Employee Growth With a Performance Development Program

At a time where most organizations have employees doing more with less, employees’ days are already filled. Though busy employees may handle today’s responsibilities, unless they are constantly learning and growing, they won’t be ready to handle a constantly changing workplace and changing performance demands.

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4 Ways Employees Can Add Value, Every Day

I thought I would try something different in this post. Today, I thought I would write something that you could print and leave for your employees. Perhaps this outline of how they can add more value will clarify what you expect of them, and encourage them to show up, step up and stand out.

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Got a List of Company Values? Be Like Zappos -- Make Them 'Committable'

I spoke at and attended the Society of Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) annual conference last week in Las Vegas. The conference creates the opportunity for those of us who work to transform our human capital into financial capital to connect with other professionals, share our stories, attend classes and hear from high profile experts. One such expert was Tony Hsieh from Zappos.

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How Managers Can Learn from Employees' Mistakes

An employee in my company totally blew it. The blowout was for something critical that improves how we connect with our clients – and for context – it was big. This time, it was truly his responsibility (sometimes it's management’s because we do not clearly define performance expectations, or give the required level of authority, responsibility or support).

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Your Organization Is Filled With Experts -- Let Them Run Training Sessions

Face it — if your organization has done a great job hiring, then you have some experts on your team. And by experts I mean those who have the talents, strengths and passions to be effective in their roles. Think power performer.

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Why Every Great Workplace Needs a 'Classroom' Environment

Picture this – a classroom that provides real time education, uses actual workplace events to learn from and requires on-the-spot thinking. What would you pay for your employees to be part of this kind of learning experience?

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5 Questions to Ask Your Employees -- and Customers

The unusual thing in today’s intellectual economy is the questions you need to ask customers are the same you must ask employees. Both the service event and the workplace now are “human-based” – these events are personal and emotional. Both benefit from questions that ask about our humanity, and our feeling connected and important.

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3 Ways Managers Can Teach Without Telling

In today’s service economy, organizations need employees to constantly learn, share information, coach each other and think on their feet. The more employees know (and how to use what they know), the better they can respond and perform in a changing workplace. Helping them learn is a strategic management responsibility.

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For SMBs, 5 Ways to Offer Learning that Sticks

Great companies take extreme measures to hire the right people for the right jobs. They know not everyone is great at every job and that the best results come from aligning employees to jobs that need their particular combination of talents, strengths and passions.

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