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Work-Flex: Another New Workplace Term

Languages never remain static; they constantly evolve – adding and deleting words based on changing life and work attitudes, circumstances and events. Many times the words are cultural or social markers (bromance, helicopter parents, wedged, dash the cash); many times they can serve to explain new trends in a constantly changing business world (‘trep, digital nomad, osmosis marketing and mancession). One new term that seems to be gaining awareness is work-flex.

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Don’t Pay Your Employees to Just Show Up

While presenting to an audience this week, I met Joanne, a manager struggling to get better performance out of her employees. Her comment was, “It seems like my employees just kind of show up to work – like they had no other place to go … they just let their days happen to them.”

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Four Ways to Keep Education Alive and Profitable

A quick question. Why do you pay your employees?

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Four Ways to Engage, Not Overwhelm, Your Employees

Change is constant – we all understand that. But a dangerous side effect in a world where information availability doubles every 2-3 years is that most of today’s employees are worn out, never knowing what is coming next while being required to get more done with less. We look to give our employees more responsibility, more freedom and a greater voice – thinking this will engage them – and they’ll work harder and better. The result is just the opposite – we overwhelm them and set ourselves up to lose our best.

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3 Learning and Development Lessons From .... M&Ms

3 Learning and Development Lessons From …. M&MsM&M’s, those delicious little candies with a mix of colors on the outside and great filling on the inside. Yum. Who would have thought they would provide a great lesson about hiring and developing employees?

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Get Results In A Period of Change

In the workplace, change is the new constant. With the increase in access to information, successful organizations must always be adapting, changing, learning and growing. This can wear your employees out.

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I Can’t Be Great If I Don’t Know What is Expected

This blog is generally about maximizing performance – sometimes through expanding education, sometimes just by stating the obvious. Today’s post is about the latter.

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Wag More, Bark Less

This is a bumper sticker on my car. Yes, we love dogs. Moreover, I love when people work to get along instead of engage in conflict. And, of course I have a workplace connection.

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Three Reasons Why Employee Development Pays

Today’s best employees, not the average ones, are those who look at the quality of the workplace and its commitment to educate, advance and develop employees before they accept a job. They are selective because they realize they have a great deal to offer and want to bring an organization that will both appreciate it and develop it. If not, they don’t apply. If already employed, they are the first ones to consider leaving. Development is now both an attraction and retention tool.

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Check Your Brain at the Door

Author Seth Godin, in his book Linchpin, reminds us that “job” and “work” (where work is your “art” – your contribution) are very different things. The job requires showing up and doing recurring, routine tasks – not a lot of independent thinking is required. In fact, if the more an organization can create repetitive non-thinking functions, the cheaper the job. This worked well in the industrial (make things) age.

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