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Four Core Elements of Great Learning — and How to Avoid 'Teaching by Telling'

I recently covered an MBA class for a Ph.D colleague of mine. Though the class lesson was to cover global HR, the instructor required that at the beginning of each class, one or two teams of students present an overview of critical concepts from that week’s reading.

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How Well Does Your Company Know its World?

I used to teach an introductory-level course for an online MBA program. This program introduced MBA students to the role of accounting, basic financial statements, monetary policy, and macro- and microeconomics. In one class, we focused on the Federal Reserve, its role and impact.

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How To Make Training (or Anything) Stick

We’ve been training employees on several new procedures and approaches recently in my workplace. But what’s been bothering me is the question of why some of these practices, which include really sound and important information, make it into our employees’ workdays, and why others don’t.

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A Few Words to Live by in 2012

For the start of a new year, I thought I would draft a letter you can use with your employees — a way to challenge them to be better in all that they do in 2012. If you like it, please feel free to use it (or edit it as you wish). I find this is also a good message to share with family. Have a happy and successful New Year.

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Your First New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time With Your Employees

With a new year comes a look back at what went right and what didn’t go so right in 2011. Over the past 12 months we learned that over 50 percent of our employees said that if the economy were better, they’d change jobs. That speaks volumes about our workplace and how we manage.

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Three Ways to Make Your Workplace More Like Your Company Party

We had our office holiday party last night. Almost everyone came and brought their special someone. We all had a terrific time.

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Encourage Employees to Wonder, Not Wander

Culture: it is the foundation of all great organizations, and the lowest common denominator of performance. Your company’s culture can attract and retain the best employees, or send the best away. Your culture can encourage innovation, opportunity-hunting and responsiveness, or it can encourage employees to simply show up and not make a difference.

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What's On Your Employees' Wish List This Christmas?

I was in the mall this week (bad idea). A large Santa’s village, complete with Santa and his minion of elves, was dwarfed by the queue of kids waiting to sit on Santa’s lap to share what they wanted for the holiday. I remember (years ago!) bringing my three kids to visit Santa and how their imaginations went wild on the ride to his artificial North Pole. They imposed no restrictions on what they dreamed about or felt they could ask for. In their minds, the sky was the limit; everything was a possibility. They had true limitless opportunity thinking ...

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How to Develop (and Teach) a Smart 'Raise Strategy'

Regardless of tough times, poor company results or average employee performance, most employees feel they are entitled to an annual raise. This is because most employees have not been shown the connection between pay increase and value created in the workplace.

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3 Reasons Why Employee Performance Reviews are a Farce

Annual performance reviews should be buried without a eulogy. Goodbye and good riddance. What an alarming waste of management time and brainpower.

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