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Uncovering the Full Advantages of Cloud-Based Learning Solutions

When the words “cloud” and “learning” are mentioned together, I can’t help thinking of “daydreaming”. Not a desirable word association. But, when it comes to learning, having your head in the clouds—cloud-based learning solutions, of course—is just fine.

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The 100 Day Plan: Driving Accountability to Ensure Success

Everyone, not just the President, could use a 100 Day Plan when taking on a new job or position. A thoughtfully created 100 Day Plan, supported by effective online training, can drive organizational accountability for ensuring new hire success.

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5 Videos that Will Inspire Your Online Training Designs

I recently viewed the classic videos in 6 TED Talks That Anyone Designing Online Training Should Watch. The Talks inspired me to think of videos that are not directly related to training that nevertheless inspire me when I’m designing learning experiences.

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The Corporate Learner’s Holiday Wish List: 3 Things People Want from Training Programs

Employer spending on training is up. Employees want training. But when employees get training, they often complain about it.

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How to Add Video to eLearning on a Budget

There’s no doubt video is an essential component in your eLearning tool box. Video can enhance learning retention by accommodating multiple learning styles, including aural, visual, verbal, and even kinesthetic learning styles. So, more people can be positively impacted by your online training programs.

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Silence, in eLearning, is Not Always Golden

If you’re creating your first eLearning course with a new LMS, here’s a tip: Grab your slide deck (PowerPoint, Haiku Deck—whatever you use) and upload it. You can always delete this “test course” later. But in the meantime you’ll get a good feel—very quickly—for how your LMS works. And, you’ll also quickly learn that simply uploading an existing slide deck doesn’t (usually) create an engaging online course in and of itself.

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The Top 3 LMS Features Requested? Survey Says…

A recent employee survey by Software Advice, a site that researches learning management systems, reveals thought-provoking data on how corporate learning programs can drive employee engagement. It’s logical that studies of employee engagement involve understanding training program satisfaction. Investment in employee training is viewed positively by employees and prospective employees alike, as indicated in lists of “the best companies to work for”, because it is viewed as an investment in people.

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12 Terms mLearning Designers Should Know

This article is a follow up to the Mindflash post “Terms eLearning Designers Should Know”. The original post discussed the terms: eLearning, Asynchronous, Synchronous, vILT, Blended Learning, Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS), AICC, and Tin Can API.

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What does Mobile Learning Look Like?

This article is the second in a two-part series on mLearning. The first article, Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay, covered why you should consider embedding mLearning into your overall learning strategy.

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Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay

This article, which covers reasons why you should consider mLearning as part of your overall learning strategy, is the first of a two-part series on m-Learning. The second article covers how to create mLearning programs, and what mLearning “looks like”.

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