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Handling Chrome's Extra Security for Using the Microphone in Flash

One of my first projects at Mindflash was to create a feature that gave trainers the ability to record narration over their slides within the Mindflash app. The impetus for this was that content like Word documents and PDFs don't give you the ability to record audio as you're creating them. Thus if you wanted audio over this type of content there needed to be a solution built into Mindflash. Additionally even though PowerPoint includes built-in audio recording, many of our users struggled to figure out how to effectively use it. We provided help articles to educate them on how to use PowerPoint's built-in audio recording feature but many users still struggled. Thus, we sought to make something simple for our users to quickly narrate over their slides. Since adding this feature we've found that 25% of our customers are using it.

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How FocusAssist Works

In a live training environment, generally a real life trainer works with one or more trainees to educate them on the training material. One benefit of this is that the trainer has a good sense of a trainee's level of engagement. For instance, if a trainee were to fall asleep or be playing with their phone and not paying attention it would be quite obvious in a live training session. Conversely, trainees can show their positive engagement by asking or answering questions in a live training environment. In online training getting this feedback is much trickier.

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How We Survived the Recent AWS Outage and Delivered Our E Learning Solutions Efficiently

When AWS has an outage people really notice. Obviously the tech community explodes. Every company starts tweeting out their downtime status while swarms of developers / ops folks at all of these companies gang tackle the problem to try to get their site back up. Increasingly though, even the non-tech folks notice and are frustrated. On the great Christmas Eve outage of 2012 that took down consumer behemoths such as Netflix, social media was awash in frustrated users, but even the relatively minor outage on Friday caused enough waves for my completely non-technical wife to notice as some of her favorite websites were down.

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