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Healthcare Compliance Training in the Cloud

For healthcare organizations looking to ensure they remain compliant, having the proper tools and training is essential. Companies must establish that their entire organization is compliant with ever-changing government regulations on both a local and national level.

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Rapid Deployment of Business-Critical Information

In the rapidly-changing business environments many of us find ourselves in today, there are those moments when a policy or procedure changes, a product update is released, or there is a need to figure out the new software update that went into effect that morning, and employees need the information now, not later. Business-critical information is what employees need to function at their highest level — it is the information that is vital to the good operations of an organization and the data necessary for full functionality. Therefore, rapidly deploying and dispersing the necessary information is critical. And, in a rapidly changing business environment, many of us need information now. we need to know what is important and, most importantly, how to do our jobs.

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The Salesperson and The SME

In the divided world of sales and product expertise, the salesperson typically chats with a customer about a product or service with canned catchphrases and relatable industry jargon while the Subject Matter Expert (SME) cavorts with the C-suite and product engineers. One is on the front lines communicating the information, while the other is in the office creating and disseminating information. And the customer or client, whom they are both intentionally serving, its receiving information from different angles and degrees. Line managers in market-facing roles need a way in which to curate, if you will, a relationship between a salesperson and a SME in order to best serve their clientele with up-to-date information as well as professional relationships.

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3 Free PPT Templates To Make Your Training More Memorable

Having trouble keeping your training lively and memorable? You’re in good company! According to a recent survey we conducted, 51% of trainers reported that making training engaging was their biggest challenge! If you’re having trouble making your training engaging and memorable, look no further. I’ve put together a few free ppt templates to make your training more memorable. Creating good training material first starts with awesome content, but of equal importance is the use of strong visuals elements! But, creating those visuals for your training requires a little bit of effort – especially for trainers who aren’t especially gifted in the area of design.  

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