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How to Plead the Business Case With E-Learning Skeptics

Many organizations are considering implementing e-learning projects, but there are always stakeholders who are tough to convince. They have certain objections to e-learning, which makes trainers' jobs more difficult. You know e-learning is the way to go, but how to do you persuade these stakeholders that it needs to happen?  Here are some tactics to consider that I've used with success:

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When to Just Say No to Training Evaluations

Do you think anyone in the accounting office sits around wondering how they should measure the effectiveness of their work? What about the HR folks? The bean counters don't work overtime at the end of the year creating a report that shows how many books were balanced or how many invoices were paid in an attempt to demonstrate their worth to the organization.

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Three Critical Skills Learning Professionals Need Now

News flash: The organizations that training professionals serve are moving faster than ever to respond to customer needs. Big shock, right? What will be a huge shock is that training directors, trainers, and instructional designers must develop new skills in order to stay relevant in 21st century business.

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