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From Uber to Apple: Mindflash Delivers 7 Million Training Courses to Help Companies Scale

Silicon Valley learning management system, Mindflash (,is hitting significant business milestones – on account of growing demand from unicorns to large enterprises to help train their employees, customers and partners in a scalable, effective and measurable way. Today, Mindflash works with companies from Fortune 100s to non-profits -- including the likes of Apple, Hilton, Intuit and Uber -- to deliver training courses across 177countries.

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As a Course Creator, You Need These eLearning Tips

Through eLearning, trainers enjoy the benefits of being able to effectively and efficiently teach trainees what they need to know. One of the key challenges with course material on your LMS is finding a way to gain the attention of your students. Below are a few resources to help you keep learners engaged and growing.

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The Power That Comes with Virtual Coaching on an mLearning Platform

Corporate learning and development is an ever evolving process. Whether someone chooses to take a certification course, take a trade school class or go through college; getting your staff to better themselves is crucial to the success of your enterprise.

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Become a More Valuable Employee in 2016

2016 ResolutionIf you haven’t already come up with a work-related resolution for 2016, here’s one to consider: Become a more valuable employee. Being more valuable to your company not only helps with job security, it could put you on the path to promotions and raises. It’s a nice position to be in.

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How UBER Took their Online Training to the Streets

We here at Mindflash pride ourselves on our easy online training platform.

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6 Principles of Effective Online Training that Will Surprise You

When it comes to developing online training, technology is making it easier to create courses that are visually appealing, interactive, and engaging. This is a good thing, after all, because visually appealing, interactive, and engaging online training is more effective, right? Not so fast. It turns out that online training like this can detract from learning. Research has shown this over and over again.

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