A Few Words to Live by in 2012

For the start of a new year, I thought I would draft a letter you can use with your employees — a way to challenge them to be better in all that they do in 2012. If you like it, please feel free to use it (or edit it as you wish). I find this is also a good message to share with family. Have a happy and successful New Year.

Dear Employees,

2011 was a challenging year; thank you for your effort, energy, resilience and commitment.

As we start 2012 with greater clarity, a greater determination to succeed, and a renewed commitment to provide exceptional customer service, we ask just one thing from each of you: Be better.

• Be better in your work: Think creatively, efficiently, and get the details right.

• Be better with our customers: In how you prepare, how you communicate, and how you add value.

• Be better with your teammates: In how you support each other, how you communicate, and how you care about them as people.

• Be better in your community: In how you give of your time and effort to make your town, city, or neighborhood a great place to live.

• Be better with our planet: In how you recycle, minimize your footprint, and how you appreciate the natural beauty around us.

• Be better in your relationships out of the office: In how you communicate, encourage, and support.

• Be better to yourself: In your self-talk, in your personal expectations, and in your commitment to being all that you can be.

You control how you approach your days in and out of the office. Commit to being better every day. Learn more. Be more responsive. Be more connected. Be more aware. Be tougher. Be more resilient. Be more creative. Be more present. Just be better.

Thank you for your loyalty and effort; we look forward to a great 2012.

Warm regards,

Your manager.

Image used under Creative Commons by Flickr user pedro.desousa.

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