Monthly Archives: October 2011

Poor Managers. Poor Performance.

Managers have enormous impact on people performance both positive and negative. However, there are too many examples of the negative impact that bad managers have on people and performance for us to ignore it the way we do.  And we do ignore it. Too many organizations react first to poor performance by blaming the employee …

Four Ways to Engage, Not Overwhelm, Your Employees

Change is constant – we all understand that. But a dangerous side effect in a world where information availability doubles every 2-3 years is that most of today’s employees are worn out, never knowing what is coming next while being required to get more done with less. We look to give our employees more responsibility, …

The Ghostbusters Guide To Management

You have probably seen Ghostbusters a number of times without realizing how some of the principles in the film can be applied to management. Well they can – and here they are. All you managers, it’s time to take your cues from Peter, Raymond, Egon and Louis. (Click image to enlarge)