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Train Your Sales Team How to Handle Rep vs. Rep Competition

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Finding out a competing company’s strengths and weaknesses can often be accomplished by a little Googling, but a key part of preparing to do battle in the sales world is diagnosing your competition’s sales strategies and capabilities. Republished with permission from Dave Stein. When I travel to Ireland each year, one of the subjects I’m asked …

No Two Sales Reps are the Same. Their Onboarding Programs Shouldn’t be, Either

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Newly hired sales reps all have certain strengths, otherwise they (theoretically) wouldn’t have gotten the job. Correctly assessing new employees’ weaknesses is crucial too, however. Instead of onboarding new sales reps in the same fashion, focus on those weaknesses from the start so they can hit the ground running. Republished with permission from Dave Stein. Mis-hiring …