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    Who Are the Smartest People in the World?

    The verifiability and practicality of IQ tests is hotly debated in academic and popular circles: Does it really measure intelligence? Is it racist, sexist, and/or ageist? What kinds of people benefit from them? What’s a modern-day genius, anyway? We’ve taken all these considerations in mind, and come up with the…

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  • Janitors With PhDs?

    With debt levels soaring, tuition costs on the rise, and record unemployment rates for recent college graduates (4.4% — the highest in since 1970), are college degrees becoming less relevant? Here’s a surprising look at the state of higher learning: You Need a Degree For That? Source Good Education writes…

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  • 5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business, from Mashable (12/21/10)

    5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business, from Mashable (12/21/10)

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  • How To Retrain for the Gig Economy

    The “Gig” Economy. That’s what Daily Beast editor Tina Brown calls our new, recession-based economic environment. Instead of full-time jobs with benefits, legions of underemployed people — even high-earning-potential “creative class” types — are turning to part-time and freelance work out of frustration and impatience. CNN reports that, as of 2009, 26% of…

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  • Get Started in Social Learning in 5 Steps (Without Spending a Dime)

    Social learning is not new, but we still do not know what it is. Albert Bandura wrote a book called Social Learning Theory in 1977, and he didn’t even have a Facebook account. Who would have thought? Bandura wrote that people learn through observation of other people. So social learning…

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  • Cartoon: "I'm learning toymaking to bring in some extra money for the holidays."

    Holiday cartoons are kind of an oddity. There’s all kinds of material available (Santa, snowmen, elves, Scrooge, reindeer…) but you’re looking at probably a good 100 years or so of Christmas cartoons that you’re up against; just about everything has been done at least a few times. So as a…

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  • The Year's Most Thought-Provoking Training Blog Posts

    t’s that time of year again. Time for the onslaught of top 10 lists, wistful reflections, and flawed predictions for the year to come. Normally I try to avoid such clichés, but in support of other much-maligned but secretly cherished holiday traditions like office parties and staff potlucks, here’s my contribution to the annual countdown list genre: The Year’s Most Thought-Provoking Training Blog Posts.

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  • How to Win Over Tough SMEs

    From time to time, we’ve all had to tap into our inner Perry Mason to convince a tough Subject Matter Expert (SME) to let us try something new. Many of us can attest to the challenges of working with skeptical, change-resistant, know-it-all, or overly-involved SMEs. And in many cases, these pesky SMEs are the very people whose strangle-hold over training content has perpetuated the very problems intended to be addressed by training! Of course, most SMEs aren’t out to annoy you. Some simply feel they have a better grasp of the brand, the product, the “real” problem, or the needs of the target audience. And, while it’s part of our job as trainers to listen to our SME’s input and allow their ideas to inform our designs, it’s also our obligation to act as a voice of reason, a content filter, and a designer.

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  • Inside Tips from America's Top Santa Trainer

    Tim Connaghan has been dressing up as Santa since the Nixon years — and now spends most of his time coaching hopeful amateurs on how to go pro. Through his traveling seminars at the International University of Santa Claus, Connaghan has graduated more than 1,900 Santas, and is considered the top…

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  • Top 10 SMB Tech Tools of 2010, from ReadWriteWeb (12/20/10)

    Top 10 SMB Tech Tools of 2010, from ReadWriteWeb (12/20/10)

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  • How to Get Up to Speed (Fast!) on Rapid E-Learning

    Everything you know about rapid instructional design or rapid e-learning development is likely wrong. Vendors will have you believe it’s only about the tools. Consultants will have you believe it’s about streamlining existing processes, even skipping unnecessary steps. Which begs the question: If they are unnecessary steps, why are they…

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  • 3 Lessons Trainers Can Learn From Marketers

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that many of us could learn a few lessons from the marketing department. After all, training and marketing are essentially in the same business. Both of us are trying to impart knowledge to change behaviors. And, despite our different budgets, we often fall into the same communication and planning traps – a lack of focus, poor follow-through, and a tendency to deliver tons of information and very few solutions.

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  • Friday Cartoon: "The tech repair video said to first unplug the computer…"

    One of my favorite kinds of cartoons to do is one where it circles back on itself. For example, I once did a cartoon where an angry person is yelling at another: “I’m being redundant?! I’m be redundant?!” I used a similar technique here. I was brainstorming what a person…

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  • How to Align Your Learning Strategy to Business Goals

    Your role as a learning leader exists to drive an organization to achieve or exceed its business goals. Nothing else matters — anything else is a waste of time and resources. If you then want to develop and implement a social learning strategy, you have to understand the strategy and goals of…

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  • What Game Mechanics Can Offer Online Learning for Business

    Using games to train people sounds kind of suspicious, like an unseemly corporate bait-and-switch tactic, or something of equal malignance — but studies have shown that incorporating game mechanics into online training can be more effective than traditional tools and methods. In fact, an October 2010 ScienceDaily article cites a…

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