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Want to Deliver Better Training? Take a Cue from ‘Top Chef’

I’m not much of a reality TV fan but the one show I go out of my way to watch is Top Chef on Bravo. It’s fascinating to watch the creative process in action as chefs are challenged to turn basic or bizarre ingredients into haute cuisine under intense circumstances. It’s easyto draw parallels between the high-pressure culinary challenges faced by the chefs and the high-pressue design work so many of us do as as trainers. In this post, I’ll examine those parallels and translate them into pointers you can apply to your next training concoction.

When to Just Say No to Training Evaluations

Do you think anyone in the accounting office sits around wondering how they should measure the effectiveness of their work? What about the HR folks? The bean counters don’t work overtime at the end of the year creating a report that shows how many books were balanced or how many invoices were paid in an …

How The Web Is Reinventing Employee Training

In recent years the Web has spawned a vast new platform for learning — a wealth of new tools that organizations can use better train, engage, and share knowledge with (and among) employees. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are embracing the new methods — and the growth of adoption is expected to continue for …