• Mint.com Product VP Joins Mindflash.com Advisory Board

    Mint.com Product VP Joins Mindflash.com Advisory Board Company announces plans for Q4 public beta launch SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 29, 2010 — Mindflash.com, () in its mission to provide the best online training software for small businesses, today announced that Aaron Forth has joined the company’s Advisory Board. Currently, Forth…

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  • online-training-pitfalls-infographic-header

    [InfoGraphic] Avoiding 3 Common Training Pitfalls

    Whether it’s a lack of clarity on the part of senior executives or a lack of resources to execute accordingly there are a countless reasons training projects fail. However there are 3 pitfalls which almost always guarantee a spectacularly bad outcome: (1) No clear target, (2) poor project management, and (3) anonymous trainees. When failure is NOT an option, consider the following ideas for dodging the pitfalls and paving a path to success. [Infographic]

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  • online-training-audio-tips-2

    4 Tutorials to Help You Become an Audio Pro

    Audio serves a vital function – particularly in online training – by breathing life into your material, setting the tone, and grabbing your trainee’s attention.  But we need to know when to use it for the greatest impact, and how to do so in a way that’s low-cost and high-quality.   If it seems like using audio is too complicated or technical, let me assure that it’s not. This post includes 4 Audacity tutorials I’ve pulled together to get you up and running AND show you how to edit your audio for higher-quality results.

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  • Create Educational Courses Online: For Non-Techies by www.smallbiztechnology.com (6/14/10)

    Create Educational Courses Online: For Non-Techies by www.smallbiztechnology.com (6/14/10)

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  • online-training-superpowers

    What's Your Training Design Superpower?

    Many of us have already recognized and developed our training design superpowers, but what if you’re the team’s utility – doing a little bit of everything – and you haven’t quite found your niche? Or, what if you’re new to the world of online training and aren’t really sure what your superpower is yet?  In light of those intimidating and omnipresent villains known as “Vanishing Budget” and “Soul-Crushing Workload,” how can you defy the odds, find your training strengths (and weaknesses), and use that knowledge to develop your training design superpowers? 

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  • online-training-grammar-guru-2

    Grammar Phobic or Grammar Guru? Writing Rules to Use or Ignore (Part 2)

    In last week’s post, we examined the use of Active Voice and Passive Voice to help Grammar Phobics write clear and compelling training.  Now let’s look at two writing rules traditionally revered by the Grammar Gurus of the world – and why you may want to ignore them.

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