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    Grammar Phobic or Grammar Guru? Writing Rules to Use or Ignore (Part 1)

    When it comes to business writing, it seems most of us fall into one of two general categories – Grammar Phobics or Grammar Gurus. But whether you’re phobic or a guru, we can all agree that good writing is the foundation of great training. So let’s start out with one simple rule grammar phobics should embrace: writing in an Active Voice.

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    [Infographic] How to Make Mandatory Trainings Bearable

    For those of us in the training design and delivery world, mandatory training triggers a triple-groan. Not only do we need to create or update mandatory training every year, but we also have to complete it, and then spend countless hours cajoling, begging, or threatening our trainees to complete it. So how do we move beyond the collective groan and design it to feel a little less like an annual punishment?

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    [Infographic] Creating Infographics for Your Training

    What’s standing between your Trainees and your training objectives? Oftentimes it’s complexity. Whether it’s the volume of information or a SME who thinks everything is important, there is usually more information to convey than is practical. Combine that with a short timeline and you’ve got a classic training conundrum. Enter the infographic. Well-designed infographics convey messages in a way that eases comprehension; they capitalize on our innate understandings of the world around us to help build context and retain information.

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    True or False? Using True-False Quiz Questions is a Total Cop Out

    Writing solid, results-oriented quizzes is, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges of training design.  And of all the quiz question types we commonly use, perhaps the most abused and disrespected is the “True or False” (T/F) question. Over the years I’ve heard T/F questions described by training managers and fellow designers as “filler”, “weak”, “a crutch”, “lazy”, and “ineffective.”  Are T/F questions the ultimate training design cop-out, or, is it more likely that we just don’t use them well? 

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    5 Super-Easy Techniques for Removing Backgrounds from Stock Images

    Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a stock image with a transparent background?  Or, maybe you’ve wasted hours of your time trying to remove the background from an image? While there may not be a silver bullet, there are plenty of cool shortcuts, tricks, free tools, and tutorials. In this post, I provide ratings and video tutorials for 5 great tools that I commonly use.

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