• online-training-surprise

    3 Ways to Introduce the Element of Surprise into Your Online Training

    Life’s little moments of surprise and delight are a welcome break from the expected & can transform an ordinary moment into a memorable one. Yet in training, we tend to regard surprise as a negative element to be “overcome” or “avoided.”  But what would happen if we stopped trying to outfox the element of surprise and started leveraging it to create better training?

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  • Now Featured on eLearningLearning.com!

    Just a quick note that the Mindflash Blog will now be featured on eLearningLearning.com! We’re really excited to join—and make a contribution to—the conversations happening there!

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  • online-training-fonts-illustration

    Visual Design Tip: Finding Font Personality

    Like other visual design elements, the right font has the power to grab your audience on an emotional level while reinforcing your message.   But unlikeother visual elements such as color scheme, photos, or clip art which are readily translated from inspiration to application, a stylized font can be harder to replicate and integrate into a design. 

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  • online-training-clip-art-title-b

    Visual Design Tip: Cut the Clip Art Clutter

    We’ve all seen (or designed) training that looked like the clip art version of a ransom note. So it’s with great surprise that I find myself intrigued at the idea of revisiting clip art in training design (minus the infamously over-used screen beans). But with clip art’s rep as a visual clutter magnet, is there a surefire way for a non-designer designer to use it well?

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  • online-training-emphasis-title2

    Visual Design Tip: 3 Ways to Use Emphasis in Your Online Training

    Emphasis is an important element in graphic design because it’s the way you direct your audience’s attention. Designers know that well-placed emphasis is a powerful tool for making their message sticky, so it only makes sense that we should use emphasis in training design to make our online training sticky.

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