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Infographic: Why Retraining Current Employees Is Cheaper than Hiring New Ones Blog Post

When productivity takes a dive, it can be tempting to fantasize about bringing in a whole new team to bring the fire back to your office. However, research shows that, in many cases, it is actually much less expensive to retrain current employees than to replace them with new hires.…

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7 Job Skills Tech Employers Are Hiring for Now Blog Post

With the economy still stuck in slow-growth mode, many job-seekers are scrambling to add new and improved skills to their resumes. In the tech sector, in fact, employers are dealing with a labor shortage (check out Information Week’s report on that, here) that job hunters can target, if they know where…

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Infographic: Who's Hiring For The Holidays? Blog Post

Each fall, retailers hire tens of thousands of workers as they staff up to handle Black Friday and the holiday shopping rush. Economists watch those hiring numbers closely as a leading indicator of holiday sales expectations and as a barometer of economic health in general. Here’s a look at the…

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Corporate Training Page

Corporate Training Simplified with Mindflash It’s a global marketplace, and it’s more important than ever to have the best corporate training resources available. You could send your trainees to specialized seminars or corporate training boot camps but that’s expensive and it takes too long. If you have several employees, the...
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Online IT Training Page

Online IT Training That Works Information technology undergoes exciting changes on a regular basis, but that means IT professionals need to fight to stay on top of it all. An IT employee with outdated skills offers little value to your business. That doesn’t mean you have to clean house and...
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Online Training for Retail Businesses Page

Online Training for Retail Businesses Training for retail employees can be especially challenging. Employees are often located at different sites, and you can’t just close up a store for the day to train everyone in today’s economic climate. In-person training is unrealistic, yet shipping out a manual for employees to...
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Alternatives to Moodle Page

Alternatives to Moodle Cloud-based, Easy-to-Customize Learning Management Systems May Make More Sense for Your Organization Moodle has emerged as one of the most visible brands for creating and managing e-learning content online. As one of the few packages built on open-source software, it also enjoys a certain cachet among the...
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Case Study: Zenefits – Onboarding and Training Other

"This is the best LMS I have ever used."Janis EricsonOperations Training ManagerZenefits Zenefits – Onboarding and Training in an Accelerated Growth Environment About the Organization: Zenefits is a cloud-based HR automation platform that makes it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses to manage all their human resources functions from one...
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Simplifying New Employee Orientation: A One Week Cheat Sheet Blog Post

Your company is growing, fast. It seems like you’re hiring new employees every other week – maybe you are! Amid this chaos, it’s easy enough for the necessary procedures involved in introducing new individuals to the workplace to lose precedence. A lack of resources, overwhelmed managerial personnel or large scale pressing…

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An Employer's Guide to Employee CPD Blog Post

Aiding employees in their continual professional development (CPD) is not always a primary concern to senior management when battling with other, more pressing, complex and critical issues. However, collaborating with your workforce to address individual CPD goals and objectives can reap significant rewards for your organization: Enhances directly related skills,…

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Corporate Learning & Development: Whose Job Is It? Blog Post

Creating, promoting and sustaining an organizational culture of learning is one hallmark of organizational success. A culture of learning can result in an organization which cultivates the values that individuals seek—such as tolerance, open discussion, and the ability to think holistically and systematically. These same values can also give an…

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5 Reasons your Charity Must use eLearning Blog Post

We are very excited to have a special guest author from across the pond on blogging with us this week! Please enjoy the thoughts of Jordan Bradley, eLearning professional from the UK’s High Speed Training Limited!  Visit them for amazing online training courses on a variety of subjects. 5 Reasons your Charity…

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4 Ways to Use Professional Development to Keep Your Employees Blog Post

We are very excited to have a special guest author on blogging with us this week! Please enjoy the thoughts of David Niu founder and CEO of TINYhr! Do you know how often your employees think about looking for a new job? TINYpulse’s research found out, and the news isn’t…

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Careers Page

Join our team, Mindflash is hiring! We’ve built a culture based on a set of guiding principles: Lean and Fast, Listening to Learn, Easy and Simple, Personal and Respectful, Integrity, Objectivity and Excellence. It's why our employees voted us a great place to work! At Mindflash, pride ourselves on our...
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Could Competency-Based Online Training Address the Skills Gap? Blog Post

Universities traditionally confer degrees based on “seat time”—the number of credits (often, 120 credits for undergraduate degrees) that a student earns with a passing grade. Whether the student earns an “A” in every course, or a “C” in every course, he gets the degree. But, will he be successful on…

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