Cartoon: 'We're all about 'no fear of failure,' but this pattern of intentionally screwing up…' Blog Post

Everyone’s afraid of something. Personally I’m afraid of snakes, heights, and poor writing (so you can imagine how I felt about Snakes on a Plane!). But failure has never bothered me much. In fact, I’m kind of a fan. I worked in sales for a good while before I became a cartoonist, so…

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Cartoon Mindflash

Cartoon: 'We're looking to trim some budgets. What would you think of off-the-job training?' Blog Post

It’s been a while since I had to look for a real job. (I understand it’s either done by computer and/or magical sorting hat now.) But years back when I last perused the paper looking for employment, one of my favorite phrases to see was “on the job training.” You…

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Trust Building Exercises

Cartoon: 'OK, we're going to lay off the trust building exercises for a while…' Blog Post

I’ve been to my share of corporate retreats, inspirational events, team building weekends… But as many as I’ve attended, I’ve never actually been part of that sitcom staple, falling backward and having someone catch you. Looking back on some of the people I’ve worked with over the years, I can’t…

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Actually Training You

Cartoon: 'OK, I've shown you the ropes, gotten you up to speed. All that's left is actually training you.' Blog Post

I’ve always been a huge fan of George Carlin. I remember borrowing/stealing my sister’s Carlin records as a kid and, very quietly so my mom wouldn’t know, listening to them over and over and over. And as brilliant, hilarious, and profane as he was, what still amazes me was his…

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Cartoon: 'This is what we in the training department call a teachable moment' Blog Post

My wife is a teacher, and every so often when her class is in higher spirits she brings out two stuffed animals. One animal models the offending behavior, and the other tests out different responses. For example, one stuffed animal pushes the other, should the other A) push back? B) call…

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Cartoon: 'I thought I told you to hire the trainer from eWorld.' Blog Post

My family and I go to the zoo often. We have two small children and it’s a great family trip every couple of weeks. We went recently and visited most of the indoor exhibits as it’s still good and cold here in Chicago. One of our favorites is the dolphin…

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Cartoon: 'Caution!! Accountant In Training' Blog Post

Most of being a cartoonist is writing. Sure, being able to draw gets you noticed, but bad writing is never saved by good art. So you get really good at a kind of active daydreaming — turning an idea or word over and over and examining it from as many…

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Cartoon: 'Tom, we're letting you go, but we'd like you to stay on and train your replacement…' Blog Post

My mom recently retired and for her last two weeks she was asked to train her replacement. I’ve always thought this was an odd idea. Sure, it works in theory; the employer is more or less confident that you won’t be slacking off, and they get a worker who’s ready to…

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Cartoon: "Test scores are way up since we started rewarding correct answers with kitten videos." Blog Post

One day in my studio I was perusing YouTube for a video to embed in my blog when my 4-year-old daughter skipped in. “DADDY! LOOK AT THE KITTY! OOH!” Sure enough on the right side of the screen there was a thumbnail for a kitten video (is there a page…

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Cartoon: "I'm learning toymaking to bring in some extra money for the holidays." Blog Post

Holiday cartoons are kind of an oddity. There’s all kinds of material available (Santa, snowmen, elves, Scrooge, reindeer…) but you’re looking at probably a good 100 years or so of Christmas cartoons that you’re up against; just about everything has been done at least a few times. So as a…

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Friday Cartoon: "The tech repair video said to first unplug the computer…" Blog Post

One of my favorite kinds of cartoons to do is one where it circles back on itself. For example, I once did a cartoon where an angry person is yelling at another: “I’m being redundant?! I’m be redundant?!” I used a similar technique here. I was brainstorming what a person…

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Cartoon: "The millennials are testing much better since we changed true/false to like/dislike." Blog Post

Cartoonist Mark Anderson shares the personal anecdote behind today’s cartoon: I’m not a last minute kind of guy. I check and update my calendar regularly, I never miss a deadline, and I usually arrive just a minute or two early wherever I go. But sometimes you have to wait until…

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Cartoon: "Bad news. The new guy got the VP training by mistake. Now he's our boss." Blog Post

Cartoonist Mark Anderson shares the personal anecdote behind today’s cartoon: The last job I had before becoming a full-time cartoonist was as a salesperson at a tech company. When I arrived for my first day I was shown a computer, given a pair of headphones, and began my online training. After a…

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bad training slip banana

7 Safety Training Videos That Hurt to Watch Blog Post

Looking to help promote safe behavior and reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace? Like a lot of employers, you might be inclined — perhaps required — to create safety training videos for all new hires. A word of caution, however, before you start scripting, lining up your staff…

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Animation Light Bulb

How Animation is Effective in eLearning Blog Post

For today’s post, we want to welcome a very special guest from the UK – Liz Bark, Creative Director at Optimised Learning Ltd! Animation in eLearning eLearning courses offer the opportunity to access and optimise learning for busy learners who have little time to commit, broadening their skill set or refreshing…

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