Automated Course Management System

There’s an art and science to great course design, but the management can be mundane. Mindflash takes care of the many time-consuming tasks required for a successful course automatically and in real-time. We send all the emails, track trainees’ progress, and produce reports you can view online and email to colleagues.

Automated Emails

Mindflash automatically sends invitation and reminder emails on your behalf. Just create a list of trainees to invite and we'll do the rest.

Effortless Reporting

We provide insightful reports using our training management system, giving you the information you need to stay updated on the progress of your courses.

Collaboration Made Simpler

Share a draft version of your course and let colleagues experience your training exactly as trainees would, and give you better feedback, faster.

"Mindflash came at the right time for a rapidly growing services organization like ours. We were able to scale up our training program for new recruits very fast, while maintaining quality."

Anurag Rastogi, New Generation Applications