Create Engaging Online Training Courses in Minutes

Just upload your existing training files (PowerPoint, Video, Word or PDF) and Mindflash automatically converts them into an online course. You can also add quizzes and surveys, and record audio to create an engaging multi-media training experience.

Your Content, The Way You Designed It

Mindflash preserves your PowerPoint animations, Word and PDF formatting. And it faithfully renders your video in its native resolution.

No Setup Required

All that is required is internet access and you’re ready to get started with Online Training by Mindflash. There’s no requirement to download and install any software to create and take the trainings.

Invite Trainees Easily

Add trainees using their name and email address. For large numbers of trainees, import as many people as you need with a simple Excel upload.

"We recommend Mindflash to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use learning management system."

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