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About Brian Kuepper

Brian Kuepper is the community manager at Mindflash, helping businesses grow and run more efficiently. Specifically, targeting their internal training procedures.

How to Enhance Training Courses with a Quiz

Pop quiz: How do you ensure that your employees are really absorbing the materials in the training courses you’ve created with Mindflash? Answer: Make a pop quiz. Mindflash offers several ways to drop easy-to-make, customizable quizzes into new, or existing, PowerPoint courses. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the ways you can conceive, create, and …

Adding and Tracking Trainees on Mindflash

Adding Trainees to your Mindflash Course Whether your course content is complete and ready for activation or you’ve only uploaded the first draft, you can go ahead and add your trainees. It’s an easy process that gives you the flexibility to manage trainees when it is convenient for you. Adding Trainees To add trainees, log …