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Microlearning under the Microscope: How to Incorporate Microlearning into Online Training

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Microlearning generally involves dissecting learning into “microscopic” learning bursts (typically 2-10 minutes each). Supporters say microlearning matches human brain processing capabilities, combating learner boredom, disengagement, and poor retention. Online training is well-suited to delivering microlearning, because it is easily spliced with web technologies, can be deployed on multiple devices, and can be pushed down to …

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Go Global by Thinking Local: Delivering Online Training Courses in Multiple Languages

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Online training is a powerful learning vehicle—it allows people to learn on their own schedule (asynchronously), at the own pace (on-demand), and on their device of choice (flexibly). And developing online training via a LMS is scalable, as you can train thousands in a short time. So, it’s a natural leap to use this same …

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Create Learning Content that Inspires Action

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In developing your last online training module, you likely poured significant effort into choosing the right training vehicle to solve the business problem, creating engaging content, mapping learning to expected outcomes, etc. Good stuff, and essential to excellent instructional design. But did your training inspire action? Post-training, did the learner change her behavior or attitude …

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How Workforce Dynamics is Changing Fundamentally and How You Can Be Ready

The day is not too far when the concept of a company campus or an office where everyone comes in to work and leaves during highly overlapping hours becomes a thing of the past. And when that happens, Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be the most common if not the only way training happens in …

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Mindflash Online Training Visual Design Mistakes

Two Common Visual Design Mistakes in Online Training

When I talk about visual design in online training, I talk about simple things a designer can do to lay out a slide so that it makes the most of evidenced-based instructional design techniques that maximize learning. I am not a huge stickler for visual design in online training. The reason might be because I …

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